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The project has over the last three years has selected and trialed over 24 tree species in statistically designed trials in cooperation with PNG Forestry Research Institute, this has resulted in the selection of a few species (Eucalyptus pellita, Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Acacia) that will be used in the initial plantations.

Eucalyptus pellita, a species of tree that is indigenous to PNG and northern Australia has been selected as the principal feedstock for the PNG Biomass Power project. Over 90 superior quality candidate clones have been selected during the evaluation stage of the project, with the aim to select the best quality genetic material to maximise growth and survival rates.

A key determinant in species selection has been the product yield and the time to mature harvest. Results of trials have demonstrated that the Eucalyptus pellita hybrids and Acacia, are the most productive and best adapted species for the area of the projects operations. The species are well-known commercial species and are often planted in large plantations in the humid tropics in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Colombia.

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