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The Ramu Grid is a high voltage transmission system that runs through the Markham Valley from Lae to the Highlands and Madang. The system serves the load centres of Lae, Madang and Gusap in the Momase Region and the Highlands centres of Wabag, Mendi, Mt Hagen, Kundiawa, Goroka, Kainantu and Yonki. Currently, the main source of generation is the Ramu Hydro Power Station with an installed capacity of 75MW, comprising of five units of 15MW each.

The project intends to feed electricity to the Ramu Grid for distribution to supply the energy needs of major industries, households and rural communities. Nearly 50% of PNG’s population lives within 50km of the RamuGrid.


The figure above shows the location of houses along the Ramu Grid in PNG. The houses within 10 km are shown in blue and the houses between 10 km and 20 km from the grid in green. Over 3,000,000 people live within 20 km of the Ramu Grid, and can be connected when reliable power is available.

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