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The project will have major benefits for PNG – some of these are set out below:

Energy Independence

  • A 30 MW Biomass project saves at least 10 million barrels of oil imports.
  • Biomass power costs are not impacted by oil price rises .
  • The project in the Markham Valley is an example of technology that could provide feedstock for thermal power plants throughout PNG at village to town scale.

Highly Competitive Electricity Pricing

  • Biomass is lower supply cost than imported fossil fuels, with stable long term pricing.
  • The estimated potential savings in power purchase costs to PNG are over K500 million compared to diesel (at forward oil prices).

Significant Injection of Funds into the local economy

  • The PNG owned entity will pay multiple millions of Kina in company tax over a 30 year period
  • The construction phase benefits to PNG economy are estimated at over K120 million in contracts with PNG companies and service providers.
  • Landowner and community land rental, other payments and employment over the project life will make a large positive difference in the local area.

Major Local Employment

  • 500 direct and over 4,000 indirect jobs will be created as a result of the project.
  • Growing biomass is a rural, labour-intensive activity and will create jobs in rural areas and help to stem rural-to-urban migration.
  • The project will generate long term jobs due to the sustainable nature of the project.

International Recognition to Sustainability

  • A 30 MW Biomass to power project in PNG will save 200,000 tonnes CO2 p.a. compared to fossil fuels. This is equivalent to 5,000,000 tonnes of CO2 over an initial 25 year contract period.
  • Excess plantation timber can also support a local sustainable forestry industry.
  • The PNG Biomass project will generate significant international interest and support that will enhance PNG’s international and local Pacific region reputation.

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